A Year in New York

A Year in New York from Andrew Clancy on Vimeo.

Freelance cameraman Andrew Clancy started filming his life in New York City and just kept going. Eventually he stopped, and when he did he sat down and edited this amazing 4-minute short film –  A Year in New York.

 Living in New York I’d grab my Canon 7D, or S95, and shoot footage of what was going on around me. It seemed like a never ending project and you could stay filming life in New York for a long time.

Eventually I put the camera down and started to edit. Here’s the end result, it’s a bit rough and ready but that’s life in the Big Apple I guess.

Turn up the volume or put your in earphones for the beautiful song We Don’t Eat by Irishman James Vincent McMorrow.

8 Comments on “A Year in New York”

  • adele

    What a fab video…so wish I was there right now, it’s one of my fave cities xoxo

    12-07-11 » 12:21 pm »

  • Gabrielle

    I grew up just outside of the city- this captures it so well! Makes me miss home.

    12-07-11 » 5:37 pm »

  • Bombchell

    wow love it, def inspires.

    12-07-11 » 10:03 pm »

  • CupcakeHayatlar

    love this amazing city!
    have a Cupcake sweet day!

    12-08-11 » 11:38 am »

  • Deweese

    Wow! That’s really beautiful. I love that he filmed a lot of seemingly normal or mundane moments and made them so beautiful.

    12-08-11 » 3:37 pm »

  • Emily

    What a moving video-New York is such a magical city! I really love how all the stories blend together.

    12-08-11 » 11:32 pm »

  • Bridget

    What an amazing video, thank you for sharing!

    12-10-11 » 11:58 pm »

  • reubenvision


    12-19-11 » 9:29 pm »

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