Listen: Last Christmas

I’ve been listening to holiday songs, some more in the spirit than others, for the past few days. Hoping to get into the spirit and get past the usual stress and anxiety this time of year leaves seeping from my pores. And you know what? I think it’s working. You won’t find sugary sweet carols here, but then again I’m not really that kind of girl. Check out my Last Christmas mix right here if you need a little kick.

5 Comments on “Listen: Last Christmas”

  • Naomi

    nice combination

    12-14-11 » 10:46 am »

  • adele

    Wham Last Christmas….a classic xoxo

    12-14-11 » 3:46 pm »

  • Emily Watz

    Your playlist put me in the Christmas spirit! Perfect timing, thank you. :)

    12-15-11 » 4:54 pm »

  • Kelly


    12-15-11 » 5:55 pm »

  • deptofhighfives

    I’m listening to this mix while I make salted caramel bars for a party tonight – definitely getting me in a holiday mood!

    12-17-11 » 9:40 am »

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