Geode Wooden Ornaments




If I were gifting anyone an ornament this year, these geode wooden pretties by Michelle Hartney would be it. It’s the sort of thing you put up for the holidays and decide to keep around all year. I like that. (via design for mankind)

5 Comments on “Geode Wooden Ornaments”

  • Cristina

    These would go great with the ufo and rocket hand-painted ornaments my mother just gifted me and my bf. These look like little space rocks <3

    12-19-11 » 12:22 pm »

  • adele

    I LOVE the gold one xoxo

    12-19-11 » 12:31 pm »

  • Tan

    Those are so neat! They look a bit like meteorite with a wooden shell.

    12-19-11 » 3:58 pm »

  • patience

    well those are just stunning! i would truly like to have those on my tree

    12-19-11 » 6:07 pm »

  • Samantha

    Those are so cool in a retro futuristic kind of way! I’d definitely leave them up year round!

    12-21-11 » 9:01 am »

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