2012 Calendars, Take 9



Flora Douville


House That Lars Built


Laura Macchia


Michelle Armas


Monkey Mind Design




Ryan McGinness


snug studio


The Indigo Bunting


the paper thieves


Wild Pulp

5 Comments on “2012 Calendars, Take 9”

  • adele

    These are some of the best you’ve posted! The calendar to do list would be perfect for me xoxo

    12-21-11 » 11:13 am »

  • Kristina Gulino

    Is it sad that even though we are talking calendars, I found myself craving that big glass vase?! So great!

    Something 2 Write About

    12-21-11 » 2:16 pm »

  • Tegan

    Ooh, love the colours in that Michelle Armas one! Stunning :)

    01-01-12 » 3:08 am »

  • Monika (MBCaptured)

    I love the idea of DIY calendars, it is my goal to make one this year. I love your blog!

    01-04-12 » 6:10 pm »

  • Flora

    Oh, that’s a great list! I’m honoured to find myself among my favourites designers :) Thank you and happy new year!

    01-11-12 » 8:56 am »

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