Christmastime in the City

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  • adele

    I would soooo love to spend Christmas in New York xoxo

    12-22-11 » 9:45 am »

  • Tan

    When would you say New York starts to look Christmassy? My fiance and I really want to spend a Christmas holiday in New York but be back for Christmas. We don’t want to go too early though and miss all of the cities magic!

    12-22-11 » 11:55 am »

  • Robin Horton/Urban Gardens

    Such fun shares! I love the city during the holidays–the windows, the pop-up skating rinks, the Santas walking the streets…love it.

    12-22-11 » 12:32 pm »

  • Lauren

    I love NY at Christmastime! It makes the city even more magical than usual. :)

    @Tan, the first week of December sort of unofficially marks the beginning of Christmasiness here b/c that’s when the Rock Center tree gets lit, but anytime after Thanksgiving is good.

    PS: I love that non-wreath doily-and-lights wreath idea!

    12-22-11 » 1:14 pm »

  • kelsey

    the santa with the guinness is classic!

    12-22-11 » 7:21 pm »

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