Moleskine Luggage Tags

My luggage is the norm. Black, utilitarian, indistinguishable. I’m thinking these luggage tags from Moleskine (yes, that Moleskine) would be a total game changer.

4 Comments on “Moleskine Luggage Tags”

  • rooth

    Isn’t it funny how you see something that you never knew existed and all of a sudden have to have it?

    01-12-12 » 11:05 am »

  • adele

    Love the acid green colour xoxo

    01-12-12 » 11:38 am »

  • Mariah Danielsen

    Ooh, Love all things Moleskine and I’m traveling soon… is this a sign? :)

    01-12-12 » 2:10 pm »

  • Cristina

    Oh man do I want these. I swear if I had a couple I would travel more often! That’s how I rationalize just about everything.


    01-13-12 » 12:25 am »

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