Bottle Humidifier

Though this winter has been so mild, my skin has been ridiculously dry. It was suggested (after copious amounts of moisturizing) that I get a humidifier to add some extra moisture into the air. The thing is… most are hideous. At least most that I can actually afford. My ideal would be something like this Bottle Humidifier designed by cloudandco. It’s the perfect mix of form and function, and wouldn’t look the slightest bit ridiculous when not in use. (via core77)

2 Comments on “Bottle Humidifier”

  • TheWhitList

    I love that! You are absolutely right that humidifiers are ofter huge and ugly. But they really do work. This is a great find!

    02-23-12 » 9:42 am »

  • Meg (MIMI+MEG)

    I’m not even joking you, I just tweeted that my husband calls our humidifier R2-D2. SO UGLY!!! I’m definitely in the market for a modern-looking one, have found a few out there.

    02-25-12 » 9:24 pm »

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