Urban Geodes

You can go ahead and file Paige Smith’s urban geodes project under Things I Wish I’d Thought of First. Paige has been installing these metallic paper structures that mimic mineral formations in spaces in buildings and holes in pipes all around Los Angeles. The joy lies in their unexpectedness and the fact that they might be easily missed. Check out Paige’s map of their locations (12 so far) and hunt for them on your own! (via Got a Girl Crush)

7 Comments on “Urban Geodes”

  • Marie-M

    I’m in love with that idea! so many beautiful spots aren’t noticed <3 have a nice day!

    04-24-12 » 10:06 am »

  • Tan

    This makes me want to book a trip to LA just to hunt all of these down!

    04-24-12 » 10:21 am »

  • adele

    For a moment I thought it was real gold!!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    04-24-12 » 10:50 am »

  • Emily @ Peck Life

    I love these a lot! So creative. :)

    04-24-12 » 6:16 pm »

  • Lisa Belt

    Brilliant! I love surprise/secret street art!

    04-25-12 » 2:16 pm »

  • Tisha Green

    Very creative! The gold stands out and makes the city that much more beautiful! Only thing is she needs to be careful where she places them. Once was in a hose type hole that’s used in case there’s a fire in the building. Overall, it’s cute street art =)

    04-28-12 » 5:35 pm »

  • Kelly

    They’re only made of paper, so that shouldn’t cause a problem. :)

    04-28-12 » 5:44 pm »

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