Happy Weekend

01/ Beautiful brick biotopes.
02/ Always wanted concrete walls?
03/ A great idea to add some texture to your outdoor planters.
04/ Loving this Jenga-esque DIY stacked wood table!
05/ Dreaming of a large-scale straw blown trees project!
06/ Already downloaded these to keep track of my summer reading list.
07/ Kinetic Creatures made from cardboard! Support the project.
08/ Such a smart/fun/versatile backdrop idea.
09/ Crushing hard on Sweater Letters.
10/ Deconstructing the Houses is insane!

5 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I need to try straw trees with B next week!

    05-26-12 » 7:59 am »

  • Susie

    Love the idea for the summer reading list – I always have such a hard time keeping track of books I want to read.

    Sea and Swank

    05-27-12 » 7:38 pm »

  • Renee @

    Thanks for adding the table I posted about! I hope you had a great long weekend!

    05-29-12 » 8:52 am »

  • kelly

    Crushing hard is so right. Viva la Sweater Letters;)

    05-29-12 » 1:32 pm »

  • Karen

    I LOVE THE CONCRETE WALLPAPER! I’m coveting these floors real hard right now: I’d love to find a nice “cheating” alternative to the real thing (though please don’t think I’d go so far as linoleum – never!). Thanks for the cool tip!

    07-21-12 » 3:45 pm »

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