Birdhouse Versus Birdhouse

TOP: Scan Birdhouse by Pigeon Toe
BOTTOM: Tui Tuckshop Bird Feeder by Nuzilla


3 Comments on “Birdhouse Versus Birdhouse”

  • Amanda Davis

    Hi Kelly,
    Do you happen to have any leads on a newer, more modern hummingbird feeder? I’ve been searching the web, to not much avail, and would like to avoid buying one of those dated, red & yellow plastic numbers 😉 You always seem to know where to find the coolest stuff so I thought I’d ask you.
    Thanks in advance!


    06-14-12 » 7:31 pm »

  • Sonja

    i would love to have a birdhouse. love option number 1 and will look on Taobao right away..

    06-14-12 » 9:25 pm »

  • Tan

    The bright red! How can you not love it?

    07-02-12 » 11:54 am »

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