LEIF is one of my favorite shops. You know, the kind where you can picture buying one of everything and know exactly where it would go in your home. Their new arrivals are killing it with a pitch perfect feeling of modern simplicity. And yes, I’ll take one of each. (I wish!)

5 Comments on “Leif”

  • Ida

    Amazing design!

    06-20-12 » 9:59 am »

  • rooth

    How very cool, I’ve never heard of this shop before

    06-20-12 » 10:12 am »

  • Janneke

    I went to their site and one thought popped into my mind: “Oh no”
    I am now obsessed. Thanks :)

    06-20-12 » 10:27 am »

  • stacy

    hi kelly,

    thanks so much for this post! glad you like the new stuff :)

    -stacy @ LEIF

    06-20-12 » 10:24 pm »

  • Emily @ Peck Life

    Thanks so much for introducing me to this site! You are right! I love ALL OF IT and know exactly where I would put it….beautiful!

    06-22-12 » 5:20 pm »

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