Notebookaholics Unite

1/ Bright Notes from Sugar Paper
2/ Campo Marzio Notepads from Kate’s Paperie
3/ Constellation Notebooks from the Curiosity Shoppe
4/ Handmade Notebooks from Serena Olivieri
5/ DRAW Tribal Edition from ARMINHO
6/ Neon Red Notebook from Lou Lou & Company
7/ To Do from eat sleep cuddle
8/ Exercise Books (set of 5) from Ferse Verse

5 Comments on “Notebookaholics Unite”

  • rooth

    This is so not fair – you know I’m a sucker for notebooks. My wallet is cringing

    06-26-12 » 1:40 pm »

  • Emily

    Numbers six and seven are lovely! I just found a Pantone swatch-covered notebook at an art museum in Washington, complete with pica spacing and space to write notes. It’s not huge, just the perfect size to throw in a purse. I’m obsessed.

    06-26-12 » 6:44 pm »

  • Susie

    Notebooks are a major weakness of mine. Love 7.

    Sea and Swank

    06-27-12 » 6:30 am »

  • Regan

    Oh dear, notebooks are my vice… I buy them because of how cute they are and then am too afraid to write in them! Congrats on all the success of your blog, I’ll see you at the Wedge!


    06-27-12 » 7:22 pm »

  • Trina D. Lambert

    i am a TOTAL notebookaholic (love that term)! i seriously think all designers are … and office supplies too! who doesn’t love a great binder/folder/pen. have you seen the ‘russell + hazel’ line before (http://www.russellandhazel.com/)? very clean & simple design of various office products — they have a few notebooks too!

    07-16-12 » 7:27 pm »

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