Best Word Ever


Oh man, I love a good bracket! Ted McCagg is working his way through the entire alphabet, attempting to (humorously) narrow things down to the determine theĀ Best Word Ever.

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  • rachael adele

    so glad canoodle was picked over crotch. ha!

    07-18-12 » 9:27 am »

  • adele

    So many awesome words there!

    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

    07-18-12 » 10:18 am »

  • suzanne

    this is pretty much the best thing i have ever seen.

    can’t wait til he gets to “P” – fingers crossed for persnickety!

    07-18-12 » 8:52 pm »

  • Beth

    Crotch over chartreuse? Gee, you can tell this is the work of a guy?

    07-18-12 » 11:14 pm »

  • B (Make Do and Spend)

    Brilliant, just brilliant

    I wish I thought of these things!

    07-19-12 » 12:32 pm »

  • Miya

    My favorite is the fuck play-in bracket. Predictable, I know, but I debate the merits of all of the fuck-derived words like, weekly.

    07-20-12 » 3:31 pm »

  • McKenna Ryan

    Betwixt and Canoodle are definitely fun words to say. What a fun post!!

    08-06-12 » 12:11 am »

  • Kyle Reynolds

    Excellent… I need more brackets. This is why the internet is worth the occasional browse.

    09-07-12 » 2:15 pm »

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