Vessel Series

I admit it, I’m a romantic at heart. And when I read that Samuel Wilkinson’s Vessel Series was inspired by a ship in a bottle it made me love it all the more. The blown glass fixtures were created specifically to show off the Plumen 001 bulb, a beauty in its own right. When lit the glass illuminates, showing off the bulb rather than concealing it. The Vessel Series┬áconsists of three pieces, each of which features a cut that allows it either to be suspended or set on a surface.

2 Comments on “Vessel Series”

  • Shayna from Pattern Pulp

    So beautiful. The chaos of the bulb is nice juxtapose to the minimalism of the glass.

    08-15-12 » 12:00 pm »

  • Sonja

    clean, yet interesting. nice find!

    08-15-12 » 6:09 pm »

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