Iced Teas + Lemonades

The extreme summer heat we’ve been experiencing for the past few months has finally started to ease off, which ironically makes me feel more summery than ever. Patio weather just begs for grilled food and chilled beverages, like maybe some kicked up iced tea and lemonade (with an optional shot!).












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3 Comments on “Iced Teas + Lemonades”

  • Faye

    These all look so delicious, it’s making me feel thirsty! Vanilla lemonade sounds amazing.
    Faye x

    08-23-12 » 11:58 am »

  • Beth @ Tasty Yummies

    Hey Kelly! Thank you so much for featuring my blackberry lavender lemonade. I am among some amazing company here, each recipe looks better then the next! I’d like to take the whole weekend off and just sample all of these :) Thanks again lady!

    08-23-12 » 10:41 pm »

  • Andi

    I want every single one of these!

    09-01-12 » 11:47 am »

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