Bold Type Beach Towels

Summer’s end is just around the bend, but there’s still the last hurrah of Labor Day to see to. I’m digging these big, bold type beach towels from Piccadilly for Opening Ceremony. Designers Peter Miles and Leigh Johnson found their typographic inspiration in the signs of New York’s food markets, and I got a laugh out of imagining the people laying on the towels for sale as the items advertised!

2 Comments on “Bold Type Beach Towels”

  • Gloria

    Ha! I love clever, whimsical designs like this. I’d totally get the Southern Peaches one!

    08-27-12 » 12:24 pm »

  • Amy@OldSweetSong

    Well these are just downright fantastic. I wish I needed beach towels.

    08-28-12 » 9:49 am »

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