Coast to Coast

PHOTOS: Josef Hoflehner

I’m taking today off to celebrate the end of summer (in theory) and Labor Day, but bright and early tomorrow I’ll be heading off to NYC to reveal the outcome of the HP Designer Matchup necklace you voted on creating! I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks and report back next week. Straight from New York I’ll be jetting cross country to San Francisco to attend Mighty Summit with some amazing women in media. It’s going to be a jam-packed week, but I have posts scheduled for you every day like normal. See you soon!

3 Comments on “Coast to Coast”

  • adele

    Bon voyage!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

    09-03-12 » 12:00 pm »

  • alicia

    What a great agenda- hope you have a fantastic time!

    09-03-12 » 7:42 pm »

  • Kristin A.

    Safe travels, Kelly! Looking forward to meeting you in SF!

    09-04-12 » 9:45 am »

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