Happy Weekend

01/ A handwriting font. For doctors.
02/ GPS shoes to getcha home.
03/ A Coffee Cup Cookie, naturally.
04/ How to Write a Love Letter.
05/ Pi in the sky!
06/ If you have to muzzle your dog might as well make it adorably hilarious with Quack.
07/ Tiny detailed paintings on pennies.
08/ Now this is a well designed tape measure!
09/ Chemistry Crayons – each one is named after the chemical that makes the color possible.
10/ A large-scale charm bracelet for the streets.

2 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • rooth

    Muahaha, those duck muzzles made me laugh!

    09-16-12 » 1:23 pm »

  • Tisha Green

    That quack is a fab idea and I can see that taking off with dog groomers everywhere! I groomed dogs for a while and those muzzles could use a makeover =)

    09-16-12 » 8:28 pm »

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