Happy Weekend

01/ Why Tea Is So Very Magical.
02/ World’s Best Father!
03/ NYC’s Hamburger Alley all mapped out.
04/ Love these Bad Girls Throughout History postcards.
05/ Bath Boat!
06/ Wonderful Life with the Elements, an illustrated book about chemistry.
07/ This glass sculpture looks like cotton candy.
08/ Geometric painted walls.
09/ Tree Ring Lights.
10/ What do you measure? Measuring the Universe.

4 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • Juliette Gold

    Lovely links! My favorite is the first – why tea is magical from apartment therapy. It reminded me that fall is coming, and that thought made my sweater-loving self very very happy [:

    09-28-12 » 11:32 am »

  • melissa

    These posts get my excited for fridays!

    09-28-12 » 1:26 pm »

  • A little angry

    These are wonderful pics! I especially love the bath boat. It feels serene and whimsical in equal measures.

    09-29-12 » 7:05 am »

  • rooth

    I really like these posts that you write for the weekend and look forward to them all week!

    10-02-12 » 11:23 am »

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