Campfire Cologne


Tired of your beard smelling like an average office-dwelling man’s? Take your scent outdoors with Campfire Cologne! Just light a stick of cedar, oak, or birch wood then waft it around your facial hair. Tade! Insta-mountain man. And you know how the ladies love that. Respect the Beard!


4 Comments on “Campfire Cologne”

  • Uncle Beefy

    An awesome random act of what the hell! Oh. My!

    10-04-12 » 12:11 pm »

  • A

    There is a strong possibility I would mindlessly throw myself at a stranger who smelled like that. Win.

    10-04-12 » 4:35 pm »

  • Lindsay

    This stuff really seriously does smell like a campfire. I coughed and choked for about 20 minutes after being around it.

    10-04-12 » 11:41 pm »

  • Emily


    10-09-12 » 1:29 pm »

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