The All White American Flag

I think The All White American Flag is good stuff. For all of 2011 I had an American flag hanging on my living room wall just like the one above, but it never could shake that college dorm look to me. This. This is the stuff. (via design for mankind)

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  • maddy

    wow, i love this in a way that i didn’t think that i would.

    10-09-12 » 10:48 am »

  • www

    Kind of a rip off of Aaron Fein’s work: http://www.aaronfein.com/white-flags.

    10-09-12 » 12:33 pm »

  • Kelly


    10-09-12 » 1:59 pm »

  • robert

    I produced this exact flag in 2004, though larger (10′ x 5′), and have since displayed in various fine art galleries. See my site: schwartzyart.com

    02-28-13 » 5:48 am »

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