Hello, my name is Megan and I’ve had the site Not Martha for 11 years. I create DIY projects and collect links to things all over the place. I have a background in theater design, so of course my favorite holiday is Halloween.

Each Halloween I find myself seeking out skull objects that are life-sized (or almost). Here is what I am currently a bit obsessed with.


A 3-D printed sculpture by Joshua Harker that was the number one most funded sculpture project on Kickstarter, you can read more about how these came to be in this Etsy Short Story.


Life sized chocolate skulls cast from a real human skull. Each one is unique and comes in dark chocolate or her own Bone Chocolate, a mixture of white and milk chocolates.


A lamp made of bone china by Alex Garnett.

5 Comments on “Skulls”

  • Cristina

    Love that first skull. It’s really beautiful. Love this post.


    10-29-12 » 10:02 pm »

  • jamie brunner

    Agreed – that first skull is divine. It was pinned so others can enjoy its beauty too.

    10-29-12 » 10:04 pm »

  • Tenaya

    The laced scull is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

    10-30-12 » 3:55 pm »

  • jet

    wooow the laced skull is beautiful, but i love the lamp idea as well.
    thank you for the sharing;-D

    11-01-12 » 4:26 am »

  • Susan Kelley

    All gorgeous!

    11-19-12 » 6:09 pm »

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