Noteworthy Notebooks

Row 1: Antica Cartotecnica Notebook Set, Meridiano Notebooks, Breakfast Club Notebook  //  Row 2: Daily Notes, Draw Your Mind Journal, The Bureaucrats Notebooks  //  Row 3: Scrivblock Block, Lines Notebooks  //  Row 4: Geometry Set Jotters, Daydreams & Grocery Lists, MUCU Blank Note Small  //  Row 5: Native Summer Notebooks, Price Tag Jotter, Honey Journal

2 Comments on “Noteworthy Notebooks”

  • rooth

    I’m going to go ahead and admit that I desperately want all of these

    11-20-12 » 2:44 pm »

  • Amanda

    I absolutely LOVE the daydreams and grocery lists notebook! Might have to order a few…

    11-20-12 » 5:11 pm »

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