Warm Hands


(Sorry, but there was no way I couldn’t use that cheezy blurb once I got it stuck in my head!)

ROW 1: Ombre Mittens from Ship & Shape, Dash Dot Pointy Mitts from Donna Wilson, Hand Knitted Mittens from Knitting With Sense
ROW 2: Blue Traditional Mittens by Isak and Inger from lost & found, Cashmere Blend Striped Gloves from GAP
ROW 3: Neon Yellow and Red Mittens from Unlimited Craftworks, Pieces Vinka Mittens from ASOS, Felted Wool Sweater Mittens from Northland Woolens
ROW 4: Fair Isle Converter Gloves from ASOS, Portobello Wide Stripe Capped Gloves from Accessorize, Mittens from Hendrik Lou

2 Comments on “Warm Hands”

  • Lejla

    Love them all. And need some too.

    12-24-12 » 11:57 am »

  • A Cat From London

    We love those traditional handwowen wool mittens. We felt in love with Latvian ones when we were in Riga. Riga was like a paradise of wool mittens. (and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) )

    12-24-12 » 6:00 pm »

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