Block Shop



Artist Lily Stockman is lovely in every possible way, and now she’s partnered with her business-minded sister Hopie to create Block Shop. The story behind how this Indian textile company came together is truly inspiring and the scarves are nothing less than stunning. Each one is stamped individually with vegetable-based dyes onto Indian silk-cotton blend fabric. It’s virtually impossible to choose a favorite, but if pressed I’d go with the coral arrows. Well done, ladies!





5 Comments on “Block Shop”

  • Susie

    Ooh love these – great colors!

    Sea and Swank

    12-28-12 » 11:32 am »

  • bigBANG studio

    Aw, lady, you are SO sweet to post about our exciting new venture! And can’t believe we sold out before we could even catch our breath. New batch coming soon. In the mean time, big hugs from Brooklyn and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo Lil

    01-01-13 » 2:20 pm »

  • Kelly

    you sold out like wildfire! so proud of you!

    01-01-13 » 4:34 pm »

  • Maryam in Marrakesh

    Love these. Wanted to buy one but so many are sold out!

    01-01-13 » 5:15 pm »

  • Kelly

    According to Lilly they’ll be restocking soon!!

    01-01-13 » 7:45 pm »

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