Seed Money

Seed Money-1-Design Crush

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Seed Money is definitely one of those things I wish I’d thought of first – it looks like the real thing (right down to the roll!) and grows colorful flowers and vegetables once tucked into the soil! It’s hand-illustrated and letterpress printed onto thick paper that’s embedded with the seeds. How fun would it be to leave a few in different places for unsuspecting people to find?! (via Notcot)


Seed Money-2-Design Crush

Seed Money-3-Design Crush

4 Comments on “Seed Money”

  • Susie

    What a cute idea – love this!

    Sea and Swank

    01-03-13 » 11:16 am »

  • Emily @ Peck Life

    This is pretty much the cutest idea EVER!! I love it!

    01-03-13 » 5:29 pm »

  • Marina

    Oh my goodness! I am currently writing a book called (wait for it!) Seed Money, about the seed trade in 19th century America–I NEED these!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Marina

    01-04-13 » 8:19 am »

  • Jessie

    Whoa these are cool, they would be a great gift for an adult and a young child.

    01-07-13 » 4:56 pm »

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