Jamie Spinello

Jamie Spinello Metalworks-1-Design Crush


I’m completely intrigued by these raw metalwork pieces from Jamie Spinello. Jamie crafts her jewelry from copper, aluminum, and brass but my favorite medium has to be the blackened copper seen here. The Egyptian design influence is evident, but I love how geometric, modern, and sometimes downright medieval her necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings appear. (via Design Milk)


Jamie Spinello Metalworks-2-Design Crush

Jamie Spinello Metalworks-3-Design Crush

3 Comments on “Jamie Spinello”

  • Brave Belts

    Very cool pieces!

    01-10-13 » 6:24 pm »

  • Amanda

    Amazing find! Love her use of line and angles!

    01-10-13 » 8:33 pm »

  • peter kenneth

    I loved the necklace!!

    01-16-13 » 12:27 am »

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