You Should Totally: Washi Tape Your Door Edges


There are a few things in this world to which I have a difficult time committing. Paint is one of them. I’ve seen images of brightly painted door edges floating around for months now, and I love the look but couldn’t… you know. Then the other day it hit me, why not washi tape my office door’s edge instead?! This project is perfectly impermanent and takes approximately two minutes to execute, how’s that for instant gratification? All you need is your favorite roll of washi tape and an X-acto knife to trim around the hardware. I was happy with one strip right down the middle of the edge, but you could definitely cover the entire width with a few extra minutes and a little more tape. Now my door makes me smile every time I walk into my office space!

11 Comments on “You Should Totally: Washi Tape Your Door Edges”

  • Nomadic D

    Brilliant! I actually washi-ed the edges of an old ikea shoe storage thingamie that was ugly beyond belief, and with all these colorful borders on each edge and drawer, now it’s cute as can be! Don’t know why I never thought about the door edges though. Guess I never even register them. Totally trying this.

    03-15-13 » 9:21 am »

  • Sara @ LiteraryLima

    Umm, you’re brilliant! I’ve been searching for ways to add colour to our nursery without overwhelming the small space, and this is perfect! The colour even goes with the scheme I have in mind… :)

    03-15-13 » 9:41 am »

  • Kelly @ Studio DIY

    This is an AWESOME idea! I also have a hard time committing to paint.

    03-15-13 » 10:21 am »

  • KS

    This is such a genius cute idea!

    03-15-13 » 10:26 am »

  • Caroline @ Pink Basil

    OMG I LOVE this idea! We’re remodeling right now, so this comes at the perfect time :)

    03-15-13 » 11:54 am »

  • rooth

    This is a really cute idea – thanks for making all of our homes a little more whimsical

    03-15-13 » 3:21 pm »

  • janika

    Love this idea..

    03-16-13 » 3:26 pm »

  • Gabby

    Oooo! That is cool-looking! :)

    03-22-13 » 3:48 am »

  • robyn

    I totally pinned those images of the edges of doors and inside of cabinets painted bright colors. This is such an brilliant and awesome idea. My only concern is how well is it staying? I’ve had problems attaching things to my studio door with washi tape. The tape kept curling up because the door is not porous enough to stay adhered.

    03-27-13 » 4:29 pm »

  • Kelly

    so far, so good! no curling or anything.

    03-27-13 » 4:37 pm »

  • Karen

    This is an amazing idea. My house will be even more colourful soon! Thanks.

    03-29-13 » 8:21 am »

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