Tips&Tricks: Gardening + Landscaping


I can be described as having a brown thumb at best. I have an odd talent for growing African violets that thrive, and not much else. Succulents hate me and I even once killed a cactus. I’m That Girl. So with all of that out in the open – whew! – you can see why I’m always on the look out for tips & tricks that might help me out a bit.


Square Foot Gardening: How to Get Started for $50. (Infographic)

Propogating succulents from leaves.

Build a $10 cedar raised garden bed.

Get your kids’ involved in gardening.

Paint rocks like strawberries to protect the real thing.

Growing citrus indoors.

How to plan your vegetable and herb garden.

DIY Glowing outdoor orbs for your patio.

Nine ways to bring nature indoors for brown thumbs.

Make an easy shoe and foot washing station.

How to fix dents in wooden floors and furniture.

Build your own pergola.

Take advantage of this printable garden planner.

Learn how to garden in gutters.

Gardening in raised beds.

Ten secrets for extending the life of cut flowers.

Homesteading: How Much Land Do You Need to Go Off the Grid.

Use vinegar to kill weeds.

Ten indoor plants you can’t kill.

Ten spring window gardening tips.

Make a planter’s yardstick.

Fifteen must-haves for the herb gardener.

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