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Austin, Texas is just about 400 miles or a 6 hour drive from Oklahoma City, but I’ve only visited a few times. When The Jealous Curator (aka Danielle Krysa) announced her Girl Crush workshop with the extremely talented Alyson Fox I knew I had to be a part of it in some capacity. So what does one Crush do for another? She volunteers to be an assistant for a few days of course.



Last Thursday I made the trek down to Austin and picked up Danielle at the airport before we headed out to Alyson’s stunning modern home in Spicewood. She and her husband helped to design it from the ground up and it’s incredible – not to mention the view that tranced me out more than once. Alyson was kind enough to invite us to stay with her for a few days, and each morning I woke up to the sun. I hadn’t slept as many hours as usual, but felt so well rested. (I think that definitely had something to do with with the sun and not a blaring alarm.)









Danielle and I spent Friday in the SoCo (South Congress) neighborhood. We had lunch at some of Austin’s famous food trailers (mahi mahi tacos and cheesy waffle fries!) before visiting a few galleries. grayduck Gallery was definitely a standout. But the day wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at Gordough’s Big Fat Donuts, I went with the Funky Monkey and definitely had a moment.





And then it was all about Girl Crush! We put together a gift bag for each lady with Alyson’s book A Shade of Red: One Lipstick and One Hundred Women, a mug with her design from Ink Dish, and a Baggu printed with her work as well. Danielle also talked about how intimidating a blank sketchbook can be, and how she’s taken to buying 50 cent vintage cookbooks and using those instead so everyone received one for their own explorations.



Saturday morning we started off with a bevy of fruit, pastries, and coffee before digging into the nitty gritty workshop Danielle has perfected. All of the ladies were so open with their creative triumphs and struggles, I walked away feeling rejuvenated and knowing I had to make more time for my own creativity again.





Alyson is not only a mind-blowing artist, she’s also amazing in the kitchen and made our entire meal (for 14!) herself. I have an APB out for her recipes.



The afternoon wrapped up with tasty cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop (who just won Cupcake Wars!) and several hours of post-Girl Crush chatting.



That night Danielle and I were lucky enough to stay over at artist Rebecca Rothfus‘ new home. She and her boyfriend had moved in literally a week prior to our visit! The space was amazing on so many levels – the mid-century just oozed out of it. (There’s even a built-in espresso maker in the kitchen!) I think I walked around most of the time with my mouth hanging open.



After a quick brunch with friends at Bouldin Creek Cafe I was back on the road to OKC. I’ll be back, Austin. I will be back.

  • rooth

    April 26, 2013 at 8:15 am Reply

    Yeah, you pretty much highlighted all the awesome things about Austin (and thanks for the house tours). Next time, let’s go back to Gourdough’s with beers. You down?

  • Elyse

    May 2, 2013 at 11:49 am Reply

    Holy moly. I’m jealous of this whole darn event. What a great experience! You also got to meet my exceptional wedding photographer, Amber Mahoney. Loved seeing this sneak peak!

  • Annie

    June 7, 2022 at 3:02 am Reply

    I just fell in love….with the kitchen.

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