Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter

Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter-1-Design Crush


Have you ever grown anything using hydroponics? I haven’t, but I’m intrigued by Modern Sprout. I love how simple this windowsill box looks and can definitely imagine it in my kitchen busting at the seams with herbs. Place the planter near a sunny window, set the timer, add plants and organic fertilizer and plug it in. That’s it. Even my brown thumb might have trouble messing that up!


Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter-2-Design Crush


Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter-3-Design Crush

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  • FripperyVintage

    Adorable, love this idea, the containers are so cute.

    04-30-13 » 11:05 am »

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