Tips&Tricks: Beauty + Fashion


There are tips and tricks aplenty out there when it comes to appearance, they’re everywhere. Pinterest, magazines, blogs, everywhere! I’ve combed through more than my share and come out the other side with my favorites. Do you have any tried and true tips for beauty and fashion??


How to backcomb your hair without looking like a…

Homemade whipped coconut body oil.

All about false lashes.

Beauty secrets from backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Master the cat eye with this tutorial.

Bronzing 101.

Repair those split ends with these tips.

Big booty bouffant hair tutorial right here, ladies.

A year of sugar scrubs.

DIY surf spray for wavy locks.

Learn to blow dry your bangs perfectly.

Get your feet ready for summer.

Homemade natural bronzer recipe.

Refreshing homemade cucumber aloe mist.

Makeup tips to make you look more awake.

How to apply eyeshadow in ten easy steps.

How to easily remove glitter nail polish.

How to un-shrink clothes.

Make your own Kate Spade-inspired skirt.

How to wear a t-shirt and look stylish.

Breaking in tight shoes.

5 Comments on “Tips&Tricks: Beauty + Fashion”

  • FripperyVintage

    Love this post. Thanks, so much to look at.

    05-28-13 » 9:39 am »

  • Nomadic D

    I never wear glittery nail polish precisely because taking it off is such a horrible experience. To me it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Don’t know how quick and easy it really is to sit around with tinfoiled fingertips for 10 minutes, but it sure beats the alternative! Also loving the stretching tight shoes tip!

    05-28-13 » 10:49 am »

  • Melissa

    GAH!! I just saw that you included my Kate Spade inspired tutorial here! OH you just made my day!

    05-28-13 » 7:46 pm »

  • Kelly

    oh, good! i love that skirt!

    05-28-13 » 7:46 pm »

  • Naina

    Thank you so much for including me in your roundup. This is a great list. You have a fabulous blog here! xx Naina

    05-29-13 » 9:25 pm »

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