Lily Stockman

Lily Stockman-1-Design Crush


I’ve sung the praises of artist Lily Stockman before, last year when her Block Shop scarves first hit the scene (in a big way, I might add). I love art, I adore art. But it’s not often I see paintings that hit me in the gut like Lily’s do. Mouth agape, nose pressed against the laptop screen, trying to see as much depth and detail as humanly possible within the pixels. There’s just something about her style and technique that grabs me by the heart. It doesn’t hurt that Lily is one of the most incredible, genuine human beings I’ve ever met either. She just received her MFA in Studio Art, so I’m hoping she’ll have some time to turn a few pieces into prints sometime soon!


Lily Stockman-2-Design Crush


Lily Stockman-3-Design Crush


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