Tips&Tricks: House + Home


Cleaning oil stains on your driveway.

Skip the bedframe, staple fabric to your box spring instead.

How to clean your dryer vents + prevent fires.

How to clean between the stove + countertop.

Favorite white paints of designers.

How to build floating shelves.

How to paint a door on its hinges.

Download these organizational binder inserts.

Get your makeup organized.

How to spring clean in ONE DAY.

Trim painting tips.

Make this floor grease cutter cleaner.

How to recaulk a bathtub.

How to wash and whiten yellowed pillows.

Top 10 household cleaning tips for the tough problems.

Ten resources for affordable decor.

33 meticulous cleaning tricks for the OCD person inside you.

The magic way to clean your windows.

A great grout cleaning trick.

Painting ideas and projects full of how-tios and inspiration.

DIY gunk remover, a non-toxic recipe to remove sticky adhesive.

Simmer this on your stove to make your house smell amazing.

Refresh and reorganize your home.

Super simple homemade air freshener.

How to paint your garage floor.

Brilliant moving tips.

Seven ways to perfect a colourful bathtub.

Renovations with the best resale value.

Tips for selling a home.

Tips for furnishing with floor models.

Print this cleaning schedule and stay on track.

The only spot remover you’ll ever need.

How to paint concrete.

How to take on painting kitchen cabinets.

How to redecorate after being dumped.

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