UPPERCASE: Work/Life 3

UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-1-Design Crush


I was really happy to see that UPPERCASE has released Work/Life 3, this time focusing on¬†illustrators’ lifestyles in intimate detail and finding out what it takes to stay creative 24/7. Featuring 100 artists from around the world, Work/Life 3 began when each illustrator was given a detailed questionnaire containing thirty questions that ranged from the simple (What inspires you?) to the detailed (How is your creative vision expressed through your work). After evaluating the answers, UPPERCASE editor Janine Vangool crafted an illustration assignment specific to each illustrator’s interests and personal story that best highlights their unique talents. The end result is the definition of creativity.


UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-2-Design Crush

UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-3-Design Crush

UPPERCASE Work:Life 3-4-Design Crush

Work/Life 3 Cover by: Jeff Rogers
Illustration by Oana Befort
Illustration by Jenny Brown
Illustration by Mindy Carpenter
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