Side Project Skateboards

Side Project Skateboards-1-Design Crush


Confession: In 9th and 10th grades I longed to learn how to skateboard. All of my guy friends did it and it looked like so much fun. But I’ve always resided firmly in the lack-of-balance pool (trust that you don’t want to see my do yoga) and showed zero to no promise. Of course that didn’t stop me from dressing the part (eek), decorating the steamer trunk in my room with company’s stickers, or admiring boards.

When Jake from Side Project Skateboards contacted me about his pop-up shop, the images caught me totally off guard. They’re beyond gorgeous. The limited edition of 18 handmade, vintage-inspired boards are crafted entirely from American-made components and materials. In fact most of the wood is actually repurposed, chosen for its beautiful grains and visual appeal. (Is it too late to have another go at skateboarding??)


Side Project Skateboards-2-Design Crush


Side Project Skateboards-3-Design Crush

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  • Becca

    December 5, 2013 at 11:43 am Reply

    Those skateboards are gorgeous! I was definitely a bit of a “skater girl” when I was younger, and taught myself how to “skate” (aka roll down a hill) on a less-than-stellar kiddie board, before graduating to a longboard when I was 15 and they are AWESOME! I feel so much studier on them as they’re heavier than a regular board and you don’t have to fear them flipping out from underneath you. You should give a longboard a shot Kelly! From one skater girl to another! 🙂

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