Tips&Tricks: Winter Remedies


If you’ve made it past the halfway point this winter without a major cold or a case of the flu let me be the first to salute you. I was taken down for the first half of January with an upper respiratory infection, and I’m crossing everything that that will be all. Here’s a bevy of tips and tricks for everything winter has to throw at you!

Ten holistic remedies for everyday ailments.

Make your own all-natural herbal vapor rub.

Homemade Vicks Vapor shower disks.

DIY Kool-Aid lip balm.

A DIY lip peel for your flaky pucker.

DIY first-aid antiseptic ointment.

Make a homemade decongestant.

This home remedy cuts through a sore throat, hacking cough, and the croup.

Try this flu season ginger honey lemon tonic.

Another option is this lemon cold remedy.

Cocktail recipes that can help cure the common cold. Ahem.

Five things you must clean during flu season.

Ten natural cold remedies.

Let’s not forget wintery skin, theĀ 10 best winter beauty recipes.

DIY orange coconut whipped body butter and 5 winter skin care tips.

DIY cuticle cream.

Luxurious eucalyptus mint whipped body butter.

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