Cheesy Cauliflower Soup


It would appear finding the perfect cauliflower soup is my annual winter mission/pastime (see Cauliflower Soup). This one is made all the better with the addition of sharp cheddar and crusty bread – I like to tear up a slice and put it right in the soup itself to make an extra hearty meal. It’s been great to have a pot of this around in these absurdly frigid temperature – maybe I should have named it Winter Vortex Soup instead.


Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

• 1 stick butter, divided in half
• 1 large yellow onion, finely diced
• 1 carrot, finely diced
• 1 stalk celery, finely diced
• 1 large head cauliflower, chopped small
• 2 Tbsp dried parsley
• 2 quarts low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock
• 6 Tbsp flour
• 2 C milk (any fat content)
• 1 C half and half
• 2 tsp salt
• 1 C sour cream
• 1 C shredded sharp cheddar cheese

In a large pot melt 4 Tbsp butter, add onion and cook until it begins to brown. Add the carrot and celery and cook for an additional few minutes. Add cauliflower and parsley and stir to combine, then cover and cook on low for 15 minutes. Afterwards, pour in stock and bring to a boil. The reduce heat to a simmer. In a medium saucepan, melt the other 4 Tbsp of butter. While it melts, in a mixing bowl whisk together the milk and flour. Slowly add to the melted butter, whisking constantly for about 5 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat and add half and half, then add mixture to the soup. Add salt and simmer for an additional 15 minutes. Add sour cream and stir to incorporate. Serve immediately with crusty bread.

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  • rooth

    February 11, 2014 at 11:03 am Reply

    Bookmarked – this looks YUMMY!

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