Fallen, Nº 182, 29.5  x 38", 2011


There is a distinct beauty that lies in decay. Old buildings. Decrepit, overgrown parking lots. And in the case of Fallen, the fruit of trees. Photographer Tanya Marcuse has managed to capture the unruly and wild that is lush with rot and overabundance. Her process is not at all willy nilly, read about it in her own words below.

I try to create tension between decay and new life, randomness and order, flatness and depth, the natural and the fantastical. I collect the fruit from beneath trees in nearby orchards, freezing them to preserve the spectacle of their decay. I frequently work on a single photograph for days, or weeks, building up collected plant material, weaving together dead leaves and spring blossoms, adding insects and small creatures to create a tapestry-like density, presenting symbolic patterns of growth and decay in a natural (or perhaps unnatural) landscape.


Fallen Nº 152 by Tanya Marcuse


Fallen Nº 181, 37.75 x 48", 2011

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  • Raina

    February 12, 2014 at 10:05 am Reply

    So happy to see these here- Tanya is a good friend of mine.
    In fact here’s an earlier piece in a space I styled.
    Cheers, Raina

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