Kristi Kohut

Kristi Kohut-1-Design Crush


The work of mixed media artist and designer Kristi Kohut resonates with me, when I saw the above piece it popped into my mind for days. Maybe it’s our shared love of symmetry or something that can’t be explained because it lives on a deeper level, but whatever the reason I’m happy Kristi left her career in advertising to create something more.


Kristi Kohut-2-Design Crush


Kristi Kohut-3-Design Crush

2 Comments on “Kristi Kohut”

  • kristi

    Thank you so much for your generous and kind words!! Absolutely love your blog. Appreciate the mention 😉 XOXO Kristi

    02-18-14 » 8:24 am »

  • Awesome Album Art

    This is gorgeous work. Glad she left advertising behind to pursue this path too.

    02-25-14 » 12:18 am »

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