Fernanda Uribe

Fernanda Uribe-1-Design Crush


I tend to shy away from all things anatomical, I think I like the idea of what’s under my skin remaining a mystery. But Fernanda Uribe‘s delicate Abrazos/ Dasein paintings make me want to delve deeper, at least in her world. Abrazos translates as hugs in Spanish and dasein meaning existence in German speaks to the way organs and bones work together and protect one another.


Fernanda Uribe-2-Design Crush


Fernanda Uribe-3-Design Crush

3 Comments on “Fernanda Uribe”

  • kelly rae

    I’ve been really loving her work. These are especially amazing.

    03-19-14 » 10:39 am »

  • Jessie | The Design Daredevil

    Thank you for sharing these! I am in love.

    03-19-14 » 10:44 am »

  • Britta B

    These are gorgeous!

    03-31-14 » 1:36 am »

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