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I’m sort of a beauty product junky. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but it eventually got out of control and I had to put myself on a bit of a spending hiatus from the stuff. Thankfully I’ve learned to rein it all in, and one of the ways I’ve done so is by relying on a little DIY. I have all of the fantastic links below bookmarked for use in the near future! What’s your go-to home beauty remedy?

Yummy pumpkin pie lip balm and lip scrub.

Mix up dry shampoo for light hair and dark hair for about $2 a jar!

Homemade coconut vanilla body butter.

Homemade natural deodorant with baking soda coconut oil, and rosemary oil.

Tingly peppermint rose lip balm.

Or fresh lemon rosemary lip balm.

Make your own tinted lip gloss for a pretty pucker.

All-natural aftershave for the dude(s) in your life.

Edible ginger snap lip scrub to get rid of the flaky stuff.

Or coconut mint lip scrub.

Five bath scrubs you can make in your kitchen.

Feel smooth and smell amazing with this rose body scrub.

An all-natural beauty mask made from flowers.

Four easy ways to help your face overnight.

Get ready for sandal season with this strawberry salt foot scrub.

Gentle rose water toner.

A rose and chamomile facial scrub that will made washing your face incredible.

A bevy of DIYs to elevate your winter skin woes in a snap.

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