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I’ve been playing the middle man between creators and my readers here on Design Crush for almost seven years. SEVEN YEARS! And oh my gosh do I love it. I could write the longest post in the world on how lucky I feel to do what I do every day and still not convey just how happy my work makes me.

It’s one thing to share all of this incredible work but it’s another to be a part of it, which is why I’m so thrilled to let you know that beginning in mid-May I’ll be one of 50 tastemakers opening a boutique on GREAT.LY!


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So what is GREAT.LY, you ask? Good question. GREAT.LY is an invitation-only marketplace for makers and tastemakers. The tastemakers have the shops and do the selling, so that the makers only need worry about what they do best – making! I already spend my days finding fantastic things to share with you all, so it’s a natural fit. Here’s the breakdown of how GREAT.LY shakes out…


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GREAT.LY is also looking for talented makers to set up their studios – nearly every creation is welcome! If you’d like to become a part of what is sure to be amazing you can fill out this form. I’m so looking forward to sharing my shop with you all once it opens next month!

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  • Susan Brinson

    Nice! Me too, and I can’t wait.

    04-08-14 » 11:54 am »

  • Bee

    How exciting! Love all of the tastemakers featured here. Can’t wait!

    04-09-14 » 11:15 am »

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