Modern Birdhouses

From what I remember I’ve never had a birdhouse hanging in the yard or window of any home I’ve lived in.  But birdhouses aren’t what they used to be, especially these eleven modern versions. Do you think they’d mind creating a human-sized version for me?



ROW 1: Camera Shutter by Twig & Timber // Birdhouse by KOROMIKO // Modern Birdhouse by Oh Dier Living    ROW 2:Modern Birdhouse by Ingleside Pottery // Bird House Cat by Shabby with Chic    ROW 3: Vinyl Tube Birdhouse by The Birdhouse Chick // Typography Bird Houses from Anthropologie // Blue Wood Birdhouse by Ghenganette    ROW 4: Pratone Birdhouses from Anthropologie // MIKKO by PYGMALION // Tree Ring Birdhouse by Hinika


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  • Georgianne Holland

    April 24, 2014 at 11:23 am Reply

    Love this collection of bird houses! My collectors are big time bird lovers, and so am I. Sharing 🙂

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