Philip Barlow

Philip Barlow-1-Design Crush


Whenever I take an accidentally blurry photo on my phone I don’t trash it, I put it into a folder with other “mistakes” that turned out to be beautiful in their own unintentional way. I guess that’s the same level that Cape Town artist Philip Barlow‘s paintings resonate with for me. Though he paints in a traditional landscape style, Barlow’s work rides the line of physical and spiritual through his mastery of light. To me they perfectly capture the lazy days of summer and time spent in every large city.


Philip Barlow-2-Design Crush


Philip Barlow-3-Design Crush


Philip Barlow-4-Design Crush

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  • tab byrum

    August 19, 2014 at 9:25 am Reply

    Eegads, new respect for my “bad” “fuzzy” pics. Thanks!!!

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