Checking In: August 2014

turnpike-Design Crush

Making : box upon box as I pack up for the move next week (eek!)
Cooking : does cereal count? (looking forward to getting back into it this fall)
Drinking : iced coffee galore
Reading : CNN’s site several times a day
Wanting : enough time to say goodbye to my friends here in Oklahoma City
Looking : at the dogs who are resting peacefully (for once)
Playing : not much – I’m in a music rut!
Deciding : whether I can wait to buy groceries until tomorrow
Wishing : for all of my favorite people to live in the same town
Enjoying : a summer-long marathon of Criminal Minds
Waiting : for college and pro football season to start this weekend!
Liking : this feeling of culling down all of my belongings
Wondering : how the pups are going to handle this 2-day long road trip 
Loving : how busy my evenings have been with lots of dinners and good conversation
Pondering : how best to pack up my art collection
Considering : lunch
Watching : again, Criminal Minds
Hoping : this last week goes just right – not too fast, not too slow
Marveling : at how summer has flown by this year!
Needing : the weather to drop below triple digits (please?)
Smelling : he sandalwood candle burning in my living room
Wearing : lots of tank tops
Following : several new Pittsburgh-based handles on Twitter
Wanting : PIZZA
Noticing : how different regions of the country go back to school at different times
Knowing : that my Mom gets here tomorrow to help me finish packing
Thinking : about how I’m glad I worked ahead on posts
Feeling : excited about football season
Admiring : my friend Clarisha for raising such a beautiful, smart daughter
Sorting : through old beauty products
Buying : nothing, saving my pennies for the house closing
Getting : a new (old) house
Bookmarking : podcasts to download for the long drive to PA
Disliking : saying so many goodbyes
Opening : lots of mortgage paperwork
Feeling : excited

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