Color Crush: Grapefruit + Gray

Hola, Amigos! Jessie Pepper here.

I’m the kind of gal who goes weak in the knees for a perfectly paired color combo… Something tells me you Design Crushers can relate?


Color Crush-Design Crush


Sweet slices of citrus go swimmingly with the soft shade that falls somewhere between dark and light. A swoon-worthy set that instantly brightens up everything from fall fashion to furniture to fabulous feathers.

Happy to lend this stunning scheme while dear Kelly is off getting settled in her new place, and to see more of my Color Crushes you’re welcome to visit me over on Style & Pepper anytime!

Chloe Pre-Fall ’14 // Capital Club // birds // desert dinner party // berries // cocktail // cockatoo // clutch & heels // candied zest // breakfast nook // glitter

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