Tommy Perez

Tommy Perez-1-Design Crush


Hi Everyone! I’m Billy from Wit & Vinegar and I’m helping out with a post while Kelly moves/buys a house. If it were me in that situation we’d play a game called how many margaritas can we drink before we stop packing boxes and cry uncontrollably in a corner.

Since I kind of dabble in food over on my site I thought I’d have some sort of food involvement in what I brought over here. It’s an Instagram account that I’ve been obsessed with ever since Kelly posted about it in a roundup a while back. I figured we could showcase the goodness!

Tommy Perez works with food, paper, and type to make all sorts of magic that he posts on Instagram and every time it happens I freak out a little bit and double tap as fast as I can.

Go check him out and follow. You won’t regret it!


Tommy Perez-2-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-3-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-4-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-5-Design Crush


Tommy Perez-6-Design Crush

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