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Daily Spoon-1-Design Crush


Since starting the year off with my own 365 day project this year – 365 Quotes – I’ve become even more fascinated with the creativity and dedication involved with such an undertaking. While mine is about as simple as you can get, some projects go above and beyond with things that take hours out of every day.

Through Daily Spoon, Stian Korntved Ruud has been making a different spoon every day for the past year with the goal of exploring the organic qualities of wood and the addition of function through design.

By repeating the production of a spoon every day for a longer period of time (365 days), the goal is to challenge and explore a spoons aesthetic and functional qualities. I make all the spoons in a traditional way with only hand tools. The point of this is to actively cooperate with the material, in this case wood. In a modern industrial production the machines overwrites the wooden structures and natural growth pattern. When using manual hand tools my hand collaborates with the wood structure during the forming process. This underpins all the spoons unique qualities.”

If you’d like to follow along on Stian’s journey, follow him on Instagram.


Daily Spoon-2-Design Crush

Daily Spoon-3-Design Crush

Daily Spoon-4-Design Crush

Daily Spoon-5-Design Crush

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