Silhouette Rings

Silhouette-Rings-1-Design Crush


A virtual fist bump full of Silhouette rings to all of you for making it through 2014! This was a tough one, full of Big Huge Terrible Things in the world we live in and consistently difficult challenges on a more personal level. While I’m not sorry to see it go, I am happy for all it’s taught me. See you in the new year!


Silhouette-Rings-2-Design Crush


Silhouette-Rings-3-Design Crush


Silhouette-Rings-4-Design Crush


Silhouette-Rings-5-Design Crush


Silhouette-Rings-6-Design Crush

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RJ Gemmell

RJ Gemmell-1-Design Crush


RJ Gemmell‘s somber illustrations seem perfect for late December, where grey days abound and the days are still short while the nights are long. I love the offbeat perspective each one exhibits because they take me back to how my mind as a child translated dimensions.


RJ Gemmell-2-Design Crush


RJ Gemmell-3-Design Crush


RJ Gemmell-4-Design Crush


RJ Gemmell-5-Design Crush


Camp Blankets

I’ve been taking full advantage of the lower temperatures each evening and curling up under a blanket with Bebe as I finish up work for the day. (The fact that dogs are essentially electric blankets is totally underrated in this day and age.) I’m also looking for a good reason to tote my heaviest camp blanket outdoors to either enjoy a hot beverage in the backyard or hang out around a campfire. And while I’m all stocked up, here are eight camp blankets I’ve got my eye on.



ROW 1: Modern Scout Throw // Civil War-Style Wool Blanket // Derailed Eco Throw
ROW 2: Black Kantha Quilt // Vintage Throw    ROW 3: Antique Buchanan Tartan Cashmere Blanket //
Signal Stripe Throw // Mega Knit



Katy Smail



Scotland-born, Brooklyn-based Katy Smail has a portfolio full of pieces that exhibit her modern illustration chops. I especially love the way she handles hair on the ladies that grace her work as well as her tendency to show great detail in some features, while keeping others as stark as possible.






Katy Smail-4-Design Crush





HausCraft-1-Design Crush


Since I first spied these HausCraft spell kits from HausWitch I’ve become a little obsessed. Each of six kits comes with whatever stone, cauldron, candle, incense, etc best aligns with your need/desire. Choose from wishes for a cozy home, harmony in relationships, balance and calm, space clearing and refreshing, finding your perfect placetending to new year’s resolutions, and protection and positivity. Kind of perfect for starting 2015.


HausCraft-2-Design Crush


HausCraft-3-Design Crush

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Living Dolls

Giampaolo Sgura-1-Design Crush


Italian photographer Giampaolo Sgura staged supermodels Magdalena Frackowiak and Elisabeth Erm as packaged living dolls for Vogue Paris’ December ’14/January ’15 issue. Major labels such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino (among others) are represented in perfectly curated sets. Each one going so far as to include accessories, shoes, and bags attached the “walls” as an ode to Barbie.


Giampaolo Sgura-2-Design Crush


Giampaolo Sgura-3-Design Crush


Giampaolo Sgura-4-Design Crush


Giampaolo Sgura-5-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ This floating greenhouse is powered by solar, wind, and tidal energy.
02/ Tara Donovan creates incredible paper towers.
03/ Here’s to 2014!, and illustrated mashup of pop culture events from the past year.
04/ The prettiest confections from Nectar & Stone.
05/ The captivating beauty of libraries around the world.
06/ If I owned this beautiful Hock Design Fitness Equipment there’s a tiny chance I might workout.
07/ Intricate paper animals crafted by elaborate origami techniques.
08/ Support the #FreeTheNipple campaign with a Tit Tee.
09/ Mirage Pavillion is a mind-bending installation made up of of 1,200 small mirrors.
10/ Bottom Feeders depicts tea set pieces that appear to have been dredged up from the sea bottom.

This week on Design Crush:
Colorful tropical birds by Pete Cromer.
My go-to planner for every year – the Day Designer.
Fabric and paper animal masks by Abigail Brown.
Lovely fabric accessories by Anna Joyce.
The crazy/quirky art of Kelly Puissegur.
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
You’re invited to New Year’s Eve.


you’re invited to: New Year’s Eve



While I sort of think New Year’s is an overrated holiday, there’s something exciting about getting together with people simply to celebrate. I much prefer smaller get togethers during the holidays to anything huge, so my idea of the perfect imaginary New Year’s Eve party would be rather simple. A dozen friends, good music, and lots of candlelight to set the mood. Throw in a good selection of cocktails and a buffet full of appetizers and a few sweets and we’re set. Party starts at 7pm!



Citrus Wreath // Frosted Deco Mercury Hurricanes // Metallic Party Hats // Geo Glow Lantern //
Roasted Spiced Orange Potpourri // DIY Star Pinatas // DIY Disco Ball Headband // Starlight Cracker //
Porcelain Lanterna



Blood Orange Pomosa // Butterscotch Bourbon Eggnog // Cranberry Sage Cocktail // Hot Cider Nog //
Jingle Juice // Pomegranate Poinsettia //  Red Wine Hot Chocolate // Rose, Raspberry & Mint Fizz //
Rosemary Clementine Prosecco Cocktail



Arctic Birch Ice Bucket // Astra Glassware // Bayberry Tapered Candles // Border Stitch Napkin Set //
Gold Brushstroke Oval Platter // Horta Champagne Glass // Ice Sculpture DOF Glass //
Porcelain Gray Plates // Glinted Confetti Cocktail Napkns



Baked Sweet Potato Nuggets // Butternut Squash and Goat’s Cheese Pasties //
Easy Parmesan Mushrooms // Hot Crab Dip // Mini Chicken + Waffles // Pomegranate Salsa //
Puff Pastry Shrimp Beer Cheese Sweet Chili Bites // Simple Salty Sweet Potato Skin Chips //
Sweet Clove + Bacon Kettle Corn



Berry Christmas Pavlova // Orange Zest Chocolate Covered Pretzels // Vegan White Chocolate Bark


A Very Merry Christmas

Decade Diary-Design Crush

Photo: Decade Diary

I hope that all of you who are celebrating Christmas tomorrow have a beautiful day full of time spent with friends and family, more food than you can imagine, and thoughtful gestures. It’s the little things that count most, today and every day. Merry Christmas!


Kelly Puissegur

Kelly Puissegur-1-Design Crush


It’s been awhile since I’ve come across some seriously quirky art, and leave it to a fellow Kelly to provide. Los Angeles-based Kelly Puissegur is inspired by random funny and/or interesting oddities in everyday life. And in case you were wondering, her main objective is always to make you laugh.


Kelly Puissegur-2-Design Crush


Kelly Puissegur-3-Design Crush


Kelly Puissegur-4-Design Crush


Kelly Puissegur-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)